We are independent

We do not work for the insurance company. Other agents who represent one carrier can provide only the best options from a single insurance provider—the one they work for. We can shop the market.

More coverage options and solutions

Independent agents aren’t tied to any one insurance company, which means we can shop multiple companies and offer you more options. We can have an honest conversation about what is best for you, then go find it. Our job is to find the best option for you, no matter which insurance company it comes from, no matter what your situation.

One-stop shopping

With access to multiple top-rated companies, different levels of coverage, levels of service and discounts, independent agents are your one-stop shop. You no longer need to search the internet or call all around town to different agents to find the best option for you, all while guessing that you are comparing apples to apples. We do that for you, saving you time.


Knowledge of the whole market

Because independent agents work with a wide variety of companies, we understand the whole market, not just one policy. We know all of the possibility that are available to you. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of company's products gives our customers an advantage when it comes to finding the best fit.

Personalized, local service

We are local and in your community. Independent agents are real people that you can easily contact in a time of need and get a human response. 

The 3 Ways to Buy Insurance

Have an independent agent work for you.

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