How the process works.
  • Start by quickly giving us basic information online for us to get started. 

  • When convenient for you,  we will contact you to discuss your needs and details of your current insurance situation.

  • We will then shop with all of our companies, find and present you the best possible premium for the coverage you desire.

  • Switching insurance companies is easy. You can do it anytime and we will help with the transition every step of the way.

  • Once a Miller and Cornell customer, you will experience our one-on-one service and will always be in position to get the best policy for you, year after year. 

Why can't I get a price online like everywhere else?
We understand the convenience of buying things online. Like all of you, we do it ourselves all the time. However, we know that just because it is the best way to buy books or clothes, it is NOT the best way to buy insurance.

Insurance is not a product. It is legal contract that protects our most important assets. Policies, companies and people are simply not the same, neither are their situations.


In order to get the correct coverage for the best possible premium, a policy must be tailored to your specific situation. The only way to do that is to have a conversation and quickly discuss your unique situation. 

Buying insurance online, without the help of a licensed agent, may be easy but it is risky. We want buying insurance to be easy for you, but we are going to do it right. 


We are different. We do not use your information for any marketing purpose of any kind. You can rest assured knowing we will not spam your inbox or mailbox. Thank you for trusting us.

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